DIY battery bank for HTC Vive TPcast wireless VR

Prior to my TP-Cast arriving from over the pacific, I have decided to build a custom battery based on my complete assumptions on what may work.

The Tpcast utilizes a 5v generic battery bank exactly like This Anker 20100mah, Going from images it looks like it uses both of the USB ports to gain enough amps to power the device.

Now one can only assume the initially electronics are 5v and the feed for the wireless part of the device and the feed to the HTC vive are 12v.

From this I’m planning to create a battery that will run roughly from 16v-12v and provide both a 12v and 5v supply.

Here is the complete video for the battery build


Also I created this interval video that is the whole build in 59s for the Instantgratification feed.