I Just got this lovely little jacket delivered to the front door and thought I would post up a few thoughts and loads of images.  I’ve never been one for having great gear for cold weather. Seem to have gotten by in some silly conditions in my sports bike leathers, Although I do remember doing a 1000mile trip from Montreal and I had to put screwed up news paper in my jacket to just get by at a very slow speed.

Looking over this jacket I was thinking now i’m set up for adventures of grandeur. It has more layers than my lady slaps on her face for a night on the town and enough pockets for a commando’s weekends ammo surplus.

It came with this waterproof coating, but I really struggled to get in the jacket with it on. Maybe I did it wrong?

It has all this stuff…

I first thought it was somewhat short looking at it, but trying it on the length is fine. I’m a tall 6’4″ and pretty slim, reading other threads I went for the XL where I normally would go for a large. I think this jacket is designed from the outside in as with the 2 layers in even the XL is pretty tight.

Well to the bits n bobs this little number has built in.

zie Front


The rear.

A nice long pocket in the back for the miss’s to keep the essentials at hand.

A large vent zipper on the upper back.

Never thought I’d be doing any racing, but with a sign this big sown onto the thermal layer I guess I’ll just have too.

Two pockets within the thermal layer, Mirrored on t’other side.

An upper front shoulder vent and the zip on the lower left just opens the arm up a bit in case you have big muscles. (fully zipped for me)

It has a tail! This is the external jock strap(Crutch strap) it reaches under and between and through to the forward sector and clips into a couple of buttons.

The inner liner/thermal liner has a button loop retainer or two each arm and then a few
around the back of the jacket and a zip. Pulling this out the leaves you looking wind saver
layer which also has a couple of internal pockets.

The wind layer also has a couple of button loops in the arms and some around the torso area with
a zip to finally remove the layer.

Once the wind layer is removed you can see where the back protector slots in.

The back protector is just a bit of very soft foam, I wouldn’t even call it fudgy.

After wearing the sportsbike gear I think i’d feel a little under dressed with this guarding my spine.

The shoulder padding is a little better, It’s not hard although I would call it fudgy.. It’s quite thick
and pretty firm. Certainly better than my mesh jacket and with the other layers probably helps a lot
in a tumble.

The elbow and radius protector seems made of the same stuff, maybe a little thinner.

and down below on the back of the jacket we have a little zip for your riding kex attachment.
Also running around the lower hem of the jacket are some elastic ties to pull tight the lower

to stop my frost being blown up your back.

The collar has some of the leather and comfy felt on the inner. with the adjustable neck
clip to enable variation on Buttoning Down The Hatches.

All in all it’s a very fine Jacket, quality is apparent pretty much everywhere. I don’t really need
all the pockets, but honestly there quiet shy and don’t really stand in the way of the jackets form
or function like a lot of the designs seem to. I got a great deal and delightful service from chip at muns
service. I’ll write a little more when I’ve had chance to put it to the elements.

A image wearing it with my nood.