Track Weekend - Virginia International Raceway

Track Weekend – Virginia International Raceway

Well It finally arrived and oh what a sweet weekend it was… Although for me it was far too hot, my thick leathers made that fact a lot worst. also being up until the early hours Safety-ising my bike and awaking at 5am to drive up to Virginia. All that didn’t seem to come into the equation or hinder my fun, as the Ducati started up accelarating the blood cells faster than a addrenalin spiked red bull.

Although I’ve been on tracks a lot recently in the car, I haven’t done it on a bike since leaving the UK. And the 1098 was a hell of a beast to be blowing the dust off. Regardless the aim was to have as much fun as possible, take it easy and keep the shiney side up as the saying goes.
I think the nervs where twitching a little at the start, relentless tales from 1k bikes highsiding on the track always sticks in your mind a little. sure I’ve had many a hour blasting round the local curves in Northern NC terrorising the local wildlife, but this doesn’t relate too much to the trouble
I can myself into when every corner is blistering the edge of the tire while the duke is just teasing me to bring on the high revs as fast as possible.

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Some images from the local Photographer at the track.