New Mount anywhere camera – VHOLDR Contour HD

nchrWhat seems a long time ago, days filled with racing through English country lanes with friends, and track days in Texas in the AMG. I used to play with recording video quite a lot. Although Since my little dv camera went to the big silicone trash heap, I’ve missed the drama of setting it up. With the endless tangle of wires and batteries flaking out 3 seconds before the best action just starts.

I recent spotted on Engadget a contour HD all in 720p(1280×720@30fps) easy to mount anywhere camera, This has integral microphone, MicroSD(these things are bed bug sized) rechargeable battery and min-USB connect.
The USB allows connection to the computer for downloading your works of art and also doubles to charge the battery.

The unit comes with a sticky mount which seems to have mated with my helmet very well, and there was also a packaging mount which I stuck on the bike to get a different angle. The product is pretty new and they are soon to release an array of mounts to mount it anywhere, including a standard camera screw so you can use it with anything you may have already with this mate.

I’m very impressed with the results of the video, The fat thumbs on off switch on the top makes it simple to rec on/off at any time while riding and the weight is un-noticable on my creme of the crop Aria corsair helmet.
As you can see from the video the sound above 20mph is pretty unusable and I think an external mic mod will follow soon. The ducati just needs to be heard.. 🙂

All in all great new toy to record my on bike fun. Watch this space for more videos and a External Mic mod!