Amazing Driving routes in Google

Amazing Driving routes in Google

I’ve been using google Earth for a few years for it’s unimaginable massive mapping information.

One great tool within google earth is the ability to create your own routes. Basically drawing over the map and saving this for future reference or to share with others.

These KML/KMZ files have been around for a while and if you delve into the google forums you can find routes for many interesting topics.

Google have now adopted this format in Google maps, Althought the routes are still defined in Google earth you can post links to the file location and have them overlayed in your browser over a Google map.

To try and gather information on the best roads to travel on for the spirited driver or rider, We can build a KML file of all the best routes that we know of and share these just via a simple internet link.

So if your travelling somewhere you can easily see if your route comes near some of these highlighted amazing roads. Maybe there’s even a road close by that you just didn’t know about.

Remeber while planning your route or just exploring in google maps you can use street view (if available) to see the road quality and get an idea of scenes and also enable photo’s to see people’s snaps from that specific area.

To create these simply use google earth, it’s a free program. once installed search for your road and then under my places on the left hand side. right click and goto creat path.

then you can click and point or hold to freehand draw your route. Then ok your path right click it and save somewhere. It will be a small file. E-mail this to with some details of the route and I’ll add it to this location.

Using this information:

This Link will take you to google maps with all the routes

These are the individual routes highlighted by drivers/ Riders..

Tail of the dragon (Deals Gap – RT129)   NC – TN

245 and 180 Kings canyon sequai

KernVille (bakersfield) South California

Sunrise Highway (mt laguna)- East of San diego

Skyline drive – Bue ridge park way – Virginia



Examples of what you will see..

Sunrise Highway In california


Tail of the dragon in Google Earth