Mont Tremblant, QC for a day by the lake and up a mont-y

Mont Tremblant, QC for a day by the lake and up a mont-y

1098 avatarAs the sub-zero rapidaly aproaches Montreal and the not so consistant sunny summer dissapears we decided to take the opertunity to pop over to Mont-Trembant to try and captue the gorgeous scenery while it’s not yet covered in a blanket of snow.

Only two hours drive from Montreal and we were emersed in a picture which is a far far land from the concrete parking lot which surrounds Le Mont Royal.

Mont tremblant consist of a small town at the foot of a 800M+ mountain, A lake also runs along side the mountain to complete it as gorgeous location.

The little town it’s self really suprised me, Initialy because it was not so little and also that it somewhat similar to disney land construction.

As we were in a little rush to the top of the summit to watch the last scheduled Bird of prey exibition it was a nice touch to be able ascend over the whole town to the foot of the gondaler, by the means of this mini VW sponsored cable car ride.

Over the hotel roof tops we fly, Hopefulyl noone is doing anything naughty on the balconies.

Again rushing for a Schedule display at the peak we jumped on the Gondella and started out ascent to the top.

I looking Dynamite the town of mont tremblant getting smaller in the background.

Kayla with a similar pose.

At the top we didn’t take to long to apreciate the view as we quickly headed over to the Bird of Prey Show area. With a doubt it was a delightful setting for any show.

We were a little late, But it was the last show of the day so we figured we would cut out losses and try to see it regardless, and luckly the first bird was still showing off a little as we arrived.

this little vulture did hop about a little and then chased the lady with the food from various angles of the stage.

Great shot showing the great scenic backdrop of the show

An America Kestrel in fine detail.

She really didn’t want to look at the camera 😉

Barn owl flying to the next food pickup point

Weight on err.. talons

Elegantly Perched

Doing a flyby of one of the instructors

once more in flight

An eagle owl flys into the show to say hello

Looks a little chubby perched right there.

Just so close you would not want to look like a field mouse.

In fligt prior to a perfect landing…

And finally this little blighter, very hawklike hawk. for the lack of it’s real name 😉

And finally but certainly not least, this precious Bird support by another gorgeous bird. 😉

We then hicked to the Peak.. Probably about 5mins to this great 360 degree viewing area.

Delightful views on a somewhat cloudy day

Looking down on Mont-Tremblant village and the Gondella which speedly gets you effortlessly to the summit.

Kayla with the lake and mont tremblant village below

A mini pano of the lake

Myself looking handsome as ever with a fantastic backdrop

A closer look at mont-tremblant hugging the lake with the windy roads servicing the traffic in and out.

A little very expensive butty and a bag of crisps and we then head to the base of the monty, then return up a small way to luge down as fast as these little trays would

allow us. Pictured Kayla mounted within a luge which will obviously need some work after that speed descent.

Proof that the Bee’s love it here too, working hard doing there thing

On our exit Kayla found her perfect camper

And then decided to drive off in it.  Beep Beep

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