Montreal Botanic Gardens Chinese Lantern Festival 2008

Montreal Botanic Gardens Chinese Lantern Festival 2008

The Lantern festival within the China gardens at the montreal botanic gardens was a very colourful affair indeed. Once again another under advertised event in Montreal popped out of nowhere and presented a great treat that I certainly would have been sad to miss.

Located adjacent to the Montreal olympic stadium a little east of downtown and liturally in the shadow of the olympic tower observatory, the botanic gardens are a essential detour from the city of montreal specially if you can catch a fresh sunny day.

As usual in Montreal the event seemed to be ill advertised and I hadn’t heard anything about it. I later found it funny to type lantern in goog and the 2nd line was the event. πŸ˜‰

At about $13 of my best canadian got me in the gates with a inclusive map, I originally figured this was a little steep. but my latter eperience proved otherwise.

Walking through the gardens the first hint you see of the event is some small lanterns tethered to some large errect bamboo canes running parrellel with the windy path.

on the entrance to the china gardens a large carved structure wihh chinese Tz script sits under a tree with one of the lanterns place to illumintate it.

walking along the windy lantern lit path you come up on a chinese mounted warrior, supported each

side by what looks like some firey banannas. πŸ˜‰

Aproaching the china garden outer wall the carvings are all illuniated by some weird shaped lanterns. Maybe the ones that were not up to standard to make it inside?

The most gorgeous coloured and technical lantern so far, A dragon, bright red with a stone carved background.

Around the entrace courtyard, more strange shaped lanterns and some very large seahorses.

A china house decorated with hanging ball lanterns

Looking across the small lake at the large china house, Dragon and Dancing china girls in the middle of the lake.

Looking into one of the small houses with intricate lanterns hanging around the parimeter

Fantastic China Lantern God owns the water

China lantern concert on the lake

China lantern concert on the lake




The river drummers, they beat their drum.

The river drummers, they beat their drum.




And plenty of more Images.. Enjoy..