The 1098 is Home. Oh My, oh My.

The 1098 is Home. Oh My, oh My.

After a small incident by a very apologetic lady in fort worth, I rendered my favorite hobby redundant for what I thought would be not that long a time. I mean like soon as I got out of the hosptial. I never thought I could be without a bike

for like 2 bloody years. I’m guessing the fun of the AMG, Racing arounf the track, Touring the country and meeting a wonderful lady takes your mind away from some of the bare necessities you

soon take for granted.

After thinking in my mind that I would return to a 600 sports bike after experiencing the brute delights of a 150BHP 1000, I was more than content with acquiring a budget supersports to satisfy my basic wrist twisting requirements.

My new location for work and living in Montreal did not instantly inspire me to get a motorcycle, As with previous oboe’s the local roads really don’t suite the unique palette of  a raced up two wheeler. Montreal also has so crazy drivers

and limited summer months to really enjoy a good amount of street time.

Regardless I settled into my new downtown apartment and the once the snow had melted and the tarmac revealed it’s self, i suddenly started to yearn once more for the delight of a personal land rocket ship. So one lunchtime I made a

dash for the nearest bike dealer on the boundary of the city townships.  immediately viewing the latest models of Japanese inline 4’s, I was surprised in the lack of my ambition to ride out the store that very moment, this certainly isn’t me.

It seemed the recent aesthetically mods of these new models wasn’t as pleasing as their successors and I walked out the door without a thought of returning to relieve myself of a lump of cash.

Quite disappointing i looked about without a hope of finding anything I would really think as my partner in street racing crime. 😉  Then afront of one of the crappy north american  sports bike mags I spotted this beauty!!

Ducati 1098

Schwinng!!!  Most die hard sportsbike fans will argue about bikes so much. It’s about the construction quality, It’s about the Suspension, the braking, the mid range, the wheel potential, the 4th gear roll on.. blaeh bleh bleh.

Really it’s all about the looks, these things in every sense are mind bogglingly performance orientated and riding for 10 years, doing nth amount of track days and you still arn’t going to be able to use the bike full potential, so I

say what the hell if you like the looks and can afford the hit, add that toy to your collection and live the life you should be..

beside’s the justification for me buying something ill never get to use as much as I want, I don’t like the construction of the bike nor some of the design aspects. But! the Looks are just simply fantastic and remind me very much of the

2003 600rr i loved so dearly.

Picking the Bike up, adventure – part 1

i arranged to pick the bike up about 250 miles from my home in Montreal and ride it down to NJ on a 250 Mile journey. Oh what a journey!

Add rain.. cold, me with summer riding gear and then darkness and getting lost.. Luckily I had hope at the end of the road in the form of a lady and some warm tea to keep me striving on.

The bike was then stored for a while before another long ride up to montreal. Which later turned into a long ride to the border, back to NJ and the to montreal due to the Idiot sat astride of this

awesome machine.

Once in Montreal I could give the little fox a clean up and try to take some worthy pictures.

I think Considering I’ve never seen one ducati that really looks great, they have pulled an absolute blinder with the desing of this machinE!

Simply stunning!