Mercededs AMG Atlanta Event 2007

Mercededs AMG Atlanta Event 2007

Once agin the time of the year where the AMG fanatics and the official AMG people join forces to create n inspiring event for all Mercedes Benz owners. Following the experience of the previous events people travel upto 1,500 miles in there AMG to join other enthusiast, For a weekend fun seeing a huge gathering of these limited cars.

I was very happy to be close and able to plan to Attend the AMG Atlanta Event this year, A little bad luck with timing for the recent AMG track event in LA which sounded an awesome few days. Although Japan GP wasn’t so bad. 😉

To make it even more of a great weekend my partner had the same weekend off work which is a real rare event. Anyhow following a long work day Friday the 9th and left the sweat shop around 6 and picked up the partner very excited to be heading down the 200 mile straights to Atlanta.

This was a somewhat shorter trip than the previous year where a friend and I drove the 1200 miles from Texas for the weekend.

Stopping mid way for a little snack and some GoGo juice for the SLK. (yes Noah it’s premium.)

We had plans to party a little in Atlanta Friday evening, Although by setting off a little late meant we did not arrive at the hotel until gone midnight. Bed was very welcoming.

Not too early in the morning we had breakfast and headed for the Event at the Andretti indoor carting center north of Atlanta. It looked like we had the upper car park with 60 or so spaces reserved just for the event. We were welcomed with a big smile from Chappy and pointed to the SLK Corner.

Andretti Indoor carting

early arrivals in the SLK corner. (all R171 SLK 55’s)

Great Event location, Andretti racing behind.

The Time of the year and the Great location made for a perfect morning. The colours in the surrounding landscape set a delightful AMG viewing environment, While more and more AMG’s arrived some had just got caught in the middle not able to decide in which direction to head. As a line of Various AMG’s to drool over had formed in every direction.

Which way would one go? so many amazing vehicles.

Line of Distinction

Meeting the youngest AMG fan was also a great pleasure. Although I’m sure I had a little De ja vu, Maybe I met these 3 people in Barcelona for the AMG Laureus Event?

Soon after we arrived in cruised the CLS and CL 63, took up center stage in the middle of the Event where they belong. These cars are certainly packed full of the latest Gizmo’s, have the Performance we can only expect and wow how do they look so good.

And the CLS in a little more detail.

The seats are really bliss.

Mixed sophistication here with the classic IWC integrated time peace and an array modern gadgetry through the display.

And showing its gorgeous muscular cures as the sun goes down.

It was great and I felt proud to be part of the SLK corner. Although I think my poor car was a little more beat up that he others which were in a prestine condition.

A similar profile

The playful SLK’s joined by a powerful mother figure as the morning went on.

I finally met the our the guy I’ve spoken to a lot on here and the car he brought was nothing less than spectacular. I’m really doubtful it’ll stay this immaculate for long and soon look like it should, well rev’ed and driven hard.

I think this is the same engine as the special “warp 11” edition starship enterprise.

Was there any Doubt?

The organ retaining units look very comfy.

Intruducing this car is a pleasure, It was a pleasure to just have a seat in it. Seeing it in images is nice but really cannot do it justice. I think attendee’s of the 2006 Atlanta AMG Event were amazed to see a Black series car parked up when they arrived at the event. The SLK black series didn’t make it to the US for customers for various reasons. But this didn’t stop AMG shipping one over for us to enjoy regardless.

This year was no less an Event, in that Equally the 2nd Black series model to come from AMG was present at the Event. We were very spoilt with the CLK 63 Black series. and then we were spoilt some more with two various colours and then just to add a little more to the treat in came another CLK63 to give us a total of 3 CLK 63 blacks.. And I was just hoping I’d get to see a nice video of one.

It peeks its racey little nose out from the security of the G55.

A massive cross sectional intake and some well formed cfc slots on the side to pass air

Chrome insignia and grill to introduce the brute power and control with a tint of sophistication.

Badged up, New engine, Same AMG.. + some!

Other corners of the Carpark also filled with some awesome vehicles.

And some slightly Modded variants also attended.

Obviously the car of the moment was the CLK 63 black series and we were very lucky to get to see 3 of these so soon after there restricted release within the US.

My partner modeling the rear of the CLK63.

This was a real treat for me, I’ve loved grey cars since my old Nimbus grey Ford RS Turbo. This is truly a fab looking car.

With the normal exhaust quads we love.

With the Integrated rear diffuser

Aggressive shrouds added to give that muscular stance work a treat.

Inside we have the triple toggle gear mode, A push button start and the Emblem that reminds you were
you are and why your having so much fun!

Can we compare..

And it’s F1 Pace car prototype.

Just WOW!

I like to think I’m a pretty fussy and very critical person and love to speak my mind. My lady would certainly agree I’m sure. I honestly couldn’t find an angle on this car which I didn’t like. Aesthetically they did an great job. Not just because it looks great, but the fact I think the standard CLK looks so boring and this looks.. Well Anything but.

Still retains that certain elegance.

You would think only fugly would come from so many varying lines, yet it works.