Cross America Drive Challenge under 47 hours solo

Cross America Drive Challenge under 47 hours solo

Well proceeding the previous months of touring across western US, I must say an absolute amazing experience. I am Currently Located in Seattle Washington and sod’s law prevailing I have just landed a job in Savannah, State of Georgia.

Me being fragtastic , And somewhat a fool I figured somehow it would be plenty of fun to see how fast I can make the journey. I’ve read that people have done New york to LA in just over 30 hours and I really don’t have that as a target. 🙂

The plan is to set off early afternoon and see when I land in Savannah using fuel tickets as proof of time taken. Sleep will be done in my comfy AMG seats as and when desired with the aid of a duvet.

The route isn’t really thought over very well and I really don’t know if this is the fastest or shortest way.

non stop cross usa drive

In all it’s just over 3000 miles and 12 states.

The vehicle is the Mercedes-Benz SLk 55 AMG that I have been touring in for the last four months with a tent in the boot.

The results from the trip turned out as follows;

Departed Seattle, WA (pacific time zone) on monday at 13:09

and arrived in Savannah, GA (eastern time +3) at 14:57

That’s 49:48 hrs:mins -3hrs for time zones = 46 Hours 48 minutes.

And the times per refill

Seattle, Washington. Monday 13:09

North powder, Oregon. Monday 17:39

Eden, Idaho. Monday 22:06

Sidney, Nebraska Tuesday 12:14

New Flourence, missouri Tuesday 23:43

No Name(station 301406) Wednesday 04:13

Forsyth, Georgia Wednesday 11:18

Pooler, Georgia Wednesday 14:47

Proof of receipt

Well that wasn’t as such fun as touring slowly and I doubt I’ll be doing it again to soon, Time for sleep in a comfy bed. 😉 fraggle-out