South California S.Diego and LA

South California S.Diego and LA

Still trying to catch up with this. 😉

Ok after Joshua tree I travelled across to see san diego, Got in quite and rather than hitting the hectic city I aimed a little high and hit the town of Cardiff on the sea near del mar. Got a quick cheap place to stay. AH nice to be in a bed again and headed off to the beach to check out the sun set.




The following day I had plans to meet up with a fellow AMG owner for dinner, She choose the Fishmarket Area where the US Midway museum is mored.

The AMG’s sharing stories.


The captian of the ship maybe?



USS Midway



Giant 40’s couple dancing by the water


I managed to cram in a visit to the whale museum and a walk around a cool little area before deciding this to drive upto LA a mate was up there and oppertunity of a free nights bed(well floor in this case) should never be turned down. 😉

Drive upto and through LA was as to be expected, Once north of the city into Santa monica all was somewhat calmer and we had a few beers and the following day had breakfast on venice beach and watched some guys run round in the sun playting hoops. Anyhow I had to pick up some hottie at the airport and carry on moving…