South California - Malibu MB SLK Convoy

South California – Malibu MB SLK Convoy

SLK friends from had been reading about my travels and californians certainly being the friendly people in the US they met up in style on the Malibu coastline route 101. I’d drove in this area about 10 years ago and returning here with the AMG was simply delightful and something I never thought would happen.

<!--more-->I had to do my Brian Gigelo thing. So I picked my customer up at LAX and we drove north into the malibu hills.

Luckily she was quite cute compared to my normal OAP clientel 😉

I had planned to meet friends from a forum whom all had similar cars to mine and go on a kinda convoy around the area. We met at some place, lacking the name sorry where we just missed jay leno on one of his bikes, I couldn’t really think who this guy was, but everyone else seemed excited about it.

The guys parked up in some attack formation to take piccies along the coast. Gorgeous location and drive was loads of fun.

plenty of sweeping curves

through the california canyons

Well the fun had to end, We ditched the convoy and headed north on the one oh the one to SB..