South California - Santa Barbara

South California – Santa Barbara

My friend let me stay in his house, that he just purchased in the santa barbara hills, the place was a little run down, but hey better than camping.. so much better and the view was blody awesome.

SB is a cool place, it’s far busier than when I stayed here in 2000 and where the hell did all the traffic come from? Luckily you can spend 5mins driving perpendicular to the 101 and be in calm silent bliss.

south facing coast means a sunset of the hills that penetrate the sea

First thing I did was give the poor AMG a clen, it had been through deserts in New mexico, Utah, Arizonia and california and I’m not sure the cake of mud really improved it’s performance. also the potentious crowd of SB(which there seemed to be so many) would have force fed me pea soup and hung me to the nearest coconut tree if I drove round in a dirty MB.

Now that’s done time to get back into the dust and make her look driven. 😉

Did the usual tourist things, visited the pier for breakfast

Drove through foothills with great views of the town and the channel islands in the fog.

Did the whale hunting, whoops sorry, Spotting (must be the texas i me, hehe) thing.

A shy grey, 3min dive for each spirt, i wanted to jump in with my scuba gear on so badly. 😉

A couple of dolphins playing in the kelt.

Spotted this porpoise once, lucky to be looking through the camera. 😉

The area we boat’ed around was stinking with natural pollution.

wavey fun on the boat

Looking at the hills i just couldn’t stop wondering how I get up there. I got free internet connection from the neighbours wifi, I thank you whomever you! 😉 fired up my google earth to find the route to the top of the mountains.

Looks like it maxed out at under 4000ft, but this gave splendid views.

The peak. Hills to the left of me and Ocean to the right.. AMG sat in the middle with me. 😉

Feathered friend soaring on the thermals

ontop of the world.. wel not quite but felt like it.

Next to drive north along the coast to the next adventure..