Ye Olde Route 66 into California

Ye Olde Route 66 into California

I’m sure must people that love to travel have wanted to tour along Route 66 sometime or another. I think originally the road went from chicago to LA. Now in parts it’s actually difficut to follow as it just die’s and you have to pick up a free way until you can find it once again.


I drove in the night on the route at first and didn’t get to see much of the scenery. I stayed in a town called Kingman, AZ then got a little lost and took I68 through the mountains onto the nevada border, then south to hit route 66 once more.


Once I hit Amboy(the town the pixar car movie was based on i think), I took a left on a road which headed into nowhere and straight across the mohave desert toward my next camping venture Joshua win


Old towns along route 66


The road goes on, and on, and on. still very good driving.


At least the trains are still runnin