Joshua tree, California

Joshua tree, California

Jushua Tree is something completely different than expected, after spending hours straight linning it through the mohave desert I could only relate joshua tree to the the Flinstones world. 😉 Just seemed so colourful and unique. Start by showing what I mean.

The welcome party




As I arrived I pitched the tent just in time for sunset.


A bewildering array of awesome rock formations




The cartonnifyed (that a word?) plantation that surrounds everything


enormous rocks arrange as if they were once a childs plaything

I didn’t know much at all about Joshua Tree national park, I just knew I had to include it in my plan, it meant going a bit out the way. Not that I’m really in a rush to go anywhere. 😉

It was the first place that wa relatively busy, compared to the places I had stayed previous. The strange rocks here draw a lot of climbers due to the high friction surface and I fugure numorous ways to get to the peak.


I kinda enjoy climbing up hills and the boulders stacked up kinda lend themselves to to this, You just find yourself getting higher and tackling steeper challenges. I decided to back off on a few paths, I didn’t have any climbing gear or anyone to belay me. A couple of times I slid down the side of a rock hill and forgot my camera was hung on my back. close call. 😉

The capsite was a little deceiving, it looked all soft and easy to peg in the tent. 2 inches under the sand was hard rock. So I had to search, borrow and maybe steal rocks to hold down the tie ropes. This wasn’t to work to wel as it was bloody windy and I woke with the tent caving in all around me. I figured it wasn’t really going anywhere so let it be until morning.


The wild life on the camping area seemed to live of being oppertunistic and quickly snatching any food blown or left for a moment by an unsuspecting camper. These little guys are very cute, But also very fast when running off with your lunch.

I spent 3 awesome days in Jushua tree, $15 entry and $5 a night to camp is a pretty good bargain to stay in such an amazing place.

I drove south through the rest of the park, this included some awesome canyon roads. I tried to keep my speed down but the roads were very very nice.

The car no really looking like it’s been through a few deserts.


Next stop south onto the I8 then across to San diego.