Where Now.. Err Arizonia.

Where Now.. Err Arizonia.

OK this is getting a little confusing now, I have to catch up with this thing because it’s hard thinking back what I did.

OK heading south from Utah I got into arizonia very early and had a full day to get to the town of winslow, well not really the town, but about 30 miles west of winslow to one of the biggest impact crators (well at least what I knew of).

I didn’t expect the crator to be as turnstile tourist as it was, considering it was literally in the middle of bloody nowhere.

The crator was located in the middle of the planes, the sorrouding area you can see the mountains of NW arizonia. as you aproach the crator on a specifically built road that winds through the planes you can see the anomly, but it’s not really obvious that there’s a huge whole in the ground ahead.

I paid my $15 bucks dodge the gift shop and ran up the stairs, excited to see a hole in the ground. Stopped by a crowd listening to the relatively recent descovery of the crator and the confusion of it’s creation. So trying to be stealthy I sneaked through a door that crashed shut and ran toward the edge to see the crator….

Once that excitement was over I had a look roudn the visitor center. They had loads of little eductaion toys for kids, i really enoyed the play. 😉 there was also some nasa stuff, nasa used the area to test various things to simulate lunar environments. nothing really worthy of a good picture. I did like this though a whole in the brick work with an awesome view.

it was still before midday so I jumped in the car and headed towards the next destination, The grand canyon.

To get there you have to head directly toward flagstaff and the mountains in the image above. then 80 miles over the mountains above and along some fast roads. these roads were littered with suicidal tumbleweed trying to cause damage to the little SLK as they rolled across the road.

The grande canyon.

I made it to the eastern portion of the canyon with the hope to stay in a camping area on the edge of canyon. These hopes were all dreams as it was very cold up there and they closed all the campsites, but an RV park that I didn’t fancy staying on. I walked a few paths and looked out from many viewpoints.

A little tower in the Desert View area made a very nice look out and cool tribal decor inside.

My favorite photo in the whole grand canyon area was probably this guy I spotted on the side of the road.

I gave up on any hopes to stay in the GC national park and as it got dark I headed south, linked onto the old route 66 and drove for a few hours before getting a cheapo B&B in a town called Kingsman.