Southern Utah, Most gorgeous room with a view.

Southern Utah, Most gorgeous room with a view.

I haven’t bothered to post for a bit, but I’ll try to update it as best as possible. After a little disaster which was colorado with loads of snow, Which isn’t fun in a car with loads of torque and big wide tyres. I drove a little south and then headed over to Utah.

“looking back at the mesa verdi hills in south colorado”

I’ve always wanted to visit Utah and it lived up to all the video’s and pictures I had seen in the past.

“Heading into this land scape, It excitined me little”

The roads were so smooth and scenary so amazing, the perfect driving experience.

Providing some amazing locations for pics of the car

As i said some amazing views from the car

I camped for a night in an indian resovation. Then view from within the tent was just amazing.

Room with best view in America, $5 a night šŸ˜‰

As the sun went down, it started to get a little chilly so I got a fire going. I think it was about 16f’s in the morning. but it didn’t matter too much with this view.

After a couple of days I headed south into Arizonia to check out a few tourist spots I’d always wanted to check out.