On my way, first evening report

On my way, first evening report

I didn’t really get away on time leaving fort worth. Too much stuff to store and no plans what to do with everything. Anyhow I finally got away mid day and the navigation guessed I’d arrive 1:50AM in fort sumner, New mexico. The thought of errecting the tent in the dark wasn’t a happy one, but what the hell least I’m on my way now.

I’d never drove much further the 10 miles West of fort worth, I mean why would you want to? It was suprising how quiet it was. This meant I could get my foot down. It wasn’t long before Abilien(spelt wrong I bet) went buy and then Lubbock. I though the next few towns were very strange, they were like chemical factories and I was driving straight through the middle? I stopped off at one for a quick fat food pick-up. There were kids hanging out there.. Thought to my self, poor bastards.. Ah what did I know maybe there was some really cool stuff in the town? Anyhow radar on, foot down into the darkness, Gorgeous skies and nothing else until I reached the town of Fort sumner. Sorry, the sign says Fort Sumner “where lies the grave of billy the Kid”.

Well checking the time it’s only 9:45pm, I guess the time zone gave me 1 hour and the rest was the time it takes=the time it takes my car, and not the time it would take the ms daisey car my navy was oviously designed for?

Well ms navy tells me to take a right onto a back road and we stick on this for 20miles. A left turn over a dam and then nothingness. I expected at least a nice rolling drive to some lake side campsites, but there was nothing. A little cabin then some dark trails leading in different directions. So I flick on my main beam and turn into the trail and drive along slowly looking for lights. The first thing I see is my head light on the lake. Jump out look around and cannot see anyone. not a light or a campfire. It was the campsite as I could see some picnic tables.

So i figure either everyone has been dragged off into a near by wood and been rogered by horny aliens or it’s a little cold and the people of the area don’t go camping unless they have absolute perfect conditions. well I am in america so the it’s pretty obvious as it’s the latter.. even Aliens have standards. 😉

Ok so I pitch the tent in the light from my cars supper Bi-xenons, I new spending all that cash on ’em would have to be worth it someday. I keep my pin hammer handy to fight off the ghouls and zip myself into my mummy to get some well erned rest……ZZzzzzz

I wake up pretty daym early… It’s cold, Well my face is cold, rest of me is v.snugg, I realise I left the zip open a little on one of the doors to allow the frost to creep in to keep me company during the night.

Jump out my bag and sort out my custume for the day and unzip into the elements.

This was the view I got, the lake was nice, Although a little ordinary. No-one around but a few ducks playing around and making some strange sounds.

I figured I’d try to pack-up my frozen tent and head on to other places.. Next stop. “I can make ya Famous”