New Mexico and up!

New Mexico and up!

After I got that daily grave browsing out of my system, It’s on to the next destination. I planned to head West to Sandia Peak, It looked to me like a very tastie bit of landscape in central new mexico (the genital state of the rockies).

A little warning that a few, well most of the photo’s on this trip will contain my car. It’s not that it looks clean and deserving of the pixes. It just gets in the way all the time. I’d let it use my camrea to take pics with me in, but it broke my last camera. Anyway. Sandia peak was very nice, I got completely lost and couldn’t find the base station for “the worlds longest tramway system” as it was advetised. I found my self driving up the mountain anyhow. The roads were fantastic and the views were plentiful.







when I escaped from the mountain of st sandia i requested next destination from my psuedo plan. basically google earthy with a load of places I wanted to see marked.  Onto Mesa Verdi, SW Colorado. This meant I had to head west to close to the border then north upto Colorado.  Heading north took me over a high range and into some not so nice weather.

They called it top of the world, I’m guessing the qualification was for the number one place nobody knows exists?  well it certainly had awesome weather system.





I get through the white mess thrown at me up on top of the world and then back into normality, well for an hour or so until I reach the colorado border.


Loads of snow and me with my super wide sticky tyres, not nice at all. I made it to a cheapo B&B and decided to give the tent a miss that evening. I’d ignored the fact the road I was driving up was route 666. But when I parked I realised my car had been given the symbol of Winter protection.

Well thats what I thought it meant. Anyone else have any clues? Don’t say it means I’m the bastard child of the devil and evil ‘cos thats not news.

Next Day I thought I’d try the national park a try, the reason I’d driven up to So colorado was to see the indian ruins in mesa verdi. well I got to the park and the ranger said the roads were ill fit for such a vehicle… Ah what did he know? well he was probably right, I nearlly ditched it a couple of times the night before.


So I got a picture of the car near the park and looked to the HGTEG (hitchhikers guide to easty’s galaxy) to find the next destination…. Smokin the navajo peace pipe. 😉