Ft Sumner and the infamous Billy the Kid

Ft Sumner and the infamous Billy the Kid

The reason I liked Lake Sumner as a first destination is that is was really close to a town with a strangely familiar name. Fort Sumner. “Here lies the grave of billy the Kid”. Or does it you may ask. Reading up on the grave of Billy the Kid it seams it’s as mysterious as The guy him self. I read in a rag of integrity that the avg female customer of “The Dirty Murphies public house” has had her virginty stolen less times than the Gravestone of Billy the Kid. Now I really doubt this, But it’s an interesting story ntl…

Anyhow down the super twisty geographically challanged road 20 miles to Fort sumner.

I reach the town and wonder what road I’m looking for? Main st? No 1st ave? Nope. Billy the kid South rd… Mmm Maybe. I think this whole town exist purely for this attraction. Why couldn’t they have told him all his fans want to see him and offered him a free luxary open top cart to some big city like Dallas before they shot him? guess they’ll learn about tourism sooner or later.

Guess it’s here.

Now this isn’t somthing I’d normally take a picture of nevermind post it anywhere, but what the hell?

ok look away now because I had a good spade in my car and I found some chunky bits…