The Grampians, Australia

The Grampians is a mountain region about 300miles from melbourne and 100miles from the coast. I decide to loop from the great ocean road in to southern australia and then up into the Grampians prior to returning south to the Great Ocean Road.  Here’s it’s location.

A big part of the National park was on fire in early this year, although a lot of the tree’s were black and crispy, it’s amazing how green the scenery looks already. Its easy to see how everything benifits, well apart from anyone that had a house that went up.


“On the Road, Diverse scenery”




“Road crossing, its slow and dangerous, but this time I made it”




“Some of the first Roo’s I spot in the wild”




“In a tiny town in the middle of the mountains, Kanga’s just hopping about”




“Endless amount of waterfalls and natural scenery spots”




” A littel fly rod and reel would have been handy”




“A little tourist spot”




“First spectacular view, peking through the tree’s on the way up a mountain”





“Vast forest’s, A fire lookout point”




“Tourched, Almost every tree was black as cole”




“Plant with a view”



“Heading south. In 100miles, Mountains, Plains, Rolling Green hills, rain forrest and then beach”